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The sporting arm of the Pinelands Creative Workshop has been in existence from the very beginning of the Pinelands Development Council. Currently there are Three(3)Senior and Four(4)Junior Football teams ; Three(3) Netball teams; One(1) Domino team and One91) Cricket team. These teams compete in all the major competitions in Barbados. They also take part in overseas regional tournaments. Some of the teams dominate national tournaments.

The aim of the Sporting Division of PCW is to attempt to bring all the various teams together under a single umbrella grouping in order that they get to know and support each other. All of the teams wear the PCW colours of green and yellow are are easily recognisable. As with all PCW endeavours, sports are mo=ixed with education in order to develop well rounded individuals. Our teams also attend many social and inter-personal developmental programs which are tied into the sports programs.

All teams are currently performing very well in the various national competitions. The Netball team is currently the Under Twenty-One Champions of Barbados. The Under Seventeen Football team is alsothe National Champions. Another Netball team is also their League Champion. A PCW member is also the current individual Champion in Three Hand Dominoes.

PCW also organises its own Inter-Pinelands Sports Competitions. It is from these competitions that we receuit our sports personnel. Two of the main goals is to find scholarships for a number of these sportsmen and sportswomen and to improve on the professionalism of the entire Sporting Division. A tribute to the high esteem in which PCW's teams are held is the fact that the Barbados Tourism Authority recommends PCW to almost all of the overseas netball teams arriving in Barbados as the organisation with which to have their practice games. PCW is always given high marks for the sportmanship and comraderie that they display at all times.

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