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Nadia L.R. Mitchell joined the organisation at age 11 and has developed into one of the more versatile members, excelling in dancing, singing, acting and drumming. From Portraying an intoxicated junior officer in the infamous landship dance, to Madame Shoells "The Martinique Bombshell" in the drama production Stella and the Devil's Kiss, Nadia continues to excel in the arts. Nadia has performed in all the productions from her inception on the hotel circuit and at local shows, she has also toured and performed internationally with PCW.

Nadia can be seen drumming, singing and dancing as part of the cast at "1627 and all that" an award winning dinner show. Presently Nadia teaches drumming to students from first to fourth form at Parkinson Memorial Secondary School. She also co-ordinates and conducts the junior and beginner drumming classes for the Cultural Training Centre.

Nadia works at PCW headquarters as secretary for CTC, which brings her directly in contact with new applicants seeking information on new classes. She is also a choreographer and stiltwalker.

Kimberly A. Jordan joined the group at the tender age of four. She made her debut at the multi-media production Exodus 1 at age six and has grown in leaps and bounds since then. She has rapidly developed into one of the most forceful junior dancers and was chosen to perform with the internationally renowned dancers Richild Springer and Pascol Couillaud in the 1991 Art in Dance show at the age of ten.

Kimberly has performed on the local arena and has also performed on the regional and international stages of Matinique, Trinidad, St.Vincent, Mexico, Germany and Canada. Kimberly continues to excel and currently teaches the 8-11 dance class on Saturday mornings. Kimberly is a junior account clerk at PCW.

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