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As readers will notice it will be mentioned often that the emphasis of the PCW in the early period was on cultural performances. It is not surprising therefore that even today the promotion of our culture through dance and drama still plays a most significant role in all that the PCW does. Training programmes offered by the Cultural Training Centre are focussed on improving member skills in drama and dance. Funds raised from each production are primarily used for the next production. The performing group's clear commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is exemplified by its unofficial motto "We are only as good as our last production"

These cultural productions do not stand on their own but are part of the process of community education and mobilisation. The major annual production becomes a major talking point in the local community and brings new information and insights to an important issue. It helps to promote positive attitudes among residents thus contributing to community sustainability. One very notable example came from the 1997 production of Grasshoppers and Snakes a play that had as its theme the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS on the family. In the production one man's casual careless sexual encounter had multiple repercussions throughout his family and friends. From the production emerged a popular local catch phrase..."just one time" which became a buzzword for promoting responsible sexual behaviour.

The notion that cultural productions can be used as a important community improvement tool has also been exported to other territories by the formation of Fusion which advances the idea of regional cooperation in dance and drama.

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