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The Marcus Garvey Resource Centre

The Role of the Resource Centre

What the Marcus Garvey Resource Centre is trying to create is not a short term injection of assistance to individuals; but rather to build on long term partnerships which include public, private sector and the community offering on-going opportunities.
This new network of organisations would function free of the bureaucracies of the normal government system and therefore seek to deliver services in a timely fashion.

Programme Design

The programmes of the Marcus Garvey Resource Centre are designed to enhance the skills of participants to enable them to go into the world of work or business fully geared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Focus is placed on self and skills by examining the existing qualities and abilities of the participants.
Career counselling and Enterprise education assist them in developing action plans for personal development and in setting realistic goals.

The process is aided by a wealth of detailed database information on job descriptions, tapes, books and other materials available in the Centre.
Where necessary, numeracy and literacy skills are developed through Remedial Sessions On completion, participants are filtered into a stream of other existing programmes.

Career Assessment is done on each participant providing them with information on their career choice. The participant is invited to attend a three-week Training Programme which focusses on work ethics. The Career Assessment and Training Programme is directly linked to the Internship and Placement Scheme whereby many of the business patrons will be inspired to adopt a candidate from within the programme.

The Internship Scheme is operated on a 6 week basis, giving the participants sufficient time to adequately grasp any role(s) allocated to them. Following this stint, they are either placed with an organization or they venture out on their own with the skills that they have acquired.Participants that venture out can benefit from the business training programmes, technical assistance, secretarial services and business information of the Centre.

Innovative ideas may also be funded by the Pinelands Enterprise Facilitation Service Inc., a company set up to provide Micro-credit and other services for micro-businesses.

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